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Jamaican Pimento

Pimento seed in Jamaica refers to the dried unripe fruit of the Pimenta dioica tree, which is a native evergreen shrub found in all 14 parishes. It’s also known as allspice, pimenta, Jamaica pepper, or myrtle pepper and can be found throughout certain parts of the Caribbean and Central America. The flavor is a perfect blend of clove, nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon, and black pepper, and the pimento that grows in Jamaica is known around the world for being the strongest and having the best overall flavor. It's a key ingredient in all three of our Jamaican Seasoning blends and it wouldn’t be authentic seasoning without it.

Pimento is an essential ingredient in Jamaican cuisine and the entire plant has been used throughout Jamaica’s history for preparing food and medicine. The dried berry is ground or used whole to season savory dishes and added to baking spices used in a variety of cakes and pastries. The fruit, leaves and wood are an essential part of preparing traditional Jamaican Jerk and the plant's medicinal uses and health benefits are impressive and worth researching.

An increased demand for pimento by-products made from the leaves and wood has led to unsustainable over-harvesting of several varieties of pimento including the native Pimenta dioica. Jamaica is beginning to invest more into organic farming and sustainable agriculture so there is an effort being made to raise awareness about protecting these very valuable trees.

We believe another way to help is by increasing the demand for sustainably harvested organic or wild Jamaican pimento berries. So many of the Pimenta dioica trees throughout Jamaica already grow wild and are naturally chemical free. More demand for organic or wild pimento at a fair-trade price would help protect many of the wild trees across the island, increase support for education on more sustainable harvesting practices, create more jobs for wildcrafters, and build a more sustainable future for Pimenta dioica in Jamaica.

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