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100% Natural Flavor

We are passionate about organics and about quality, and we want you to know exactly what goes into every jar or bag of our 100% natural organic seasoning. Each blend is carefully crafted from the best quality organic spices and freshly ground in small batches. The result is pure, authentic Jamaican flavor.

We don’t add any of the fillers, chemicals, or preservatives often found in conventional seasoning, and we go much lighter on the salt, which means you’re getting more spices and more value in every ounce. You don’t have to worry about over salting when you use our seasoning. Just add all the flavor you need and then add more salt to suit your taste. That way you have control over the sodium in your recipes.

We don’t use anti-caking agents so you may notice some caking or clumping in your jars or bags of seasoning. This is normal and does not affect the quality or the taste. The shelf-life of ground, dried seasoning is up to 3 years or more when it’s as fresh as ours and while the intensity of flavor may change slightly over time, these blends will stay delicious for at least that long. Just give them a good stir if needed and enjoy!

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